Your Scrip Team:

Anna Carstens, Krista Wirtley, and Robin Schmit

How Does Scrip Benefit Me?

Scrip participating retailers agree to sell gift certificates to our organization at a discount. Member families like yours buy the certificates for full face value, they redeem them for full face value, and the difference funds our gymnast’s escrow.

Participating in scrip is easy. All you need to do is order the cards online and make payment through our national vendor provider's automatic withdrawal system, PrestoPay. Twice a month, our scrip coordinator releases the order to our various vendors. Within a week of the organization order being placed, the scrip cards arrive and are sorted by our coordinator for pick-up at the Green Bay YMCA.

Once a month, the rebates earned by each family is credited to their gymnast's escrow account. There are fees associated with participation because of the costs associated to ship the scrip cards. These fees are subtracted from our rebate earnings based on the percentage of each family rebate earned for the month and is usually very modest (last year's fees averaged less than 2% of our total earnings).

Tips to Strengthen Earnings!

Some tips that may help you earn:
  • Use ScripNow and ReloadNow to earn instantly
  • Shop on the go
  • Keep track of your purchase total
  • Order ScripNow 5-10 minutes before you check out
  • Refresh the ScripNow page until your instant scrip is ready
  • Show the electronic delivery page at the counter when checking out
  • Take advantage of specials
  • Make sure to order Grand Central Station (good at any shell stations as well) from our direct source allowing you to earn an additional 1%
  • Order Local if available to maximize rebate (Noodles, Subway, etc)
  • Please share other tips you have found that may help others earn more!
  • Spread the word to others in the Gymnastics and Swim programs so they can earn too!

Scrip Facts

How do I sign-up? Visit and complete the sign-up steps and use Enrollment Code: 7C45E3DE33963. If sign-up assistance is needed, please watch the video for detailed instructions.

How to Sign Up for Scrip

How do I know when the next order will be placed?

Order and pick-up dates will be on the Gymstar’s Calendar but is usually the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month  at 7 PM unless otherwise noted because of other conflicts.

When will I receive my order?

Orders will be ready for pick-up Monday, 8 days, following the Sunday order, see the schedule on the Gymstar's Calendar. There will be times that items will be on back order and patients and understanding will be required as all scrip programs are run by volunteers that have limitations when trying to deliver product.
  1. National scrip is ordered through GLS. I have never experienced back orders with the national orders but that does not mean it can’t happen. The national vendor is the provider of the site and their products do not have “Local” or “Direct at the end.
  2. Local scrip is ordered from a not for profit program in the Green Bay area. There are often back orders associated with the Local program so their arrival is not as reliable as the national orders. You can tell which scrip is ordered through our Local vendor as it will have “Local” at the end of the description.
  3. Direct scrip is ordered from the vendor itself or in conjunction with another scrip program to maximize rebate profits.
  4. ScripNow is ordered through GLS and is delivered electronically after payment. It usually only takes a few minutes for the order to become available for use. Check your email for confirmation that your ScripNow is complete.
  5. Reload funds available on your plastic card by 10:00 AM CST the following day, for Reload products submitted by 2:30 PM CST Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. ReloadNow funds available on your plastic card in minutes. Check your email for confirmation that your ReloadNow is complete.

How do I pay?

Payment MUST be received prior to the time the order is placed. You will need to pay using the online PrestoPay automatic withdrawal service to limit the amount of money that needs to be manually handled.

How do I sign-up for PrestoPay?

For those of you who would like a more in depth understanding of how PrestoPay works, there is a video tutorial available under the PrestoPay link when logged into your account.

If you previously set up a PrestoPay account, you will need to forward the 4-digit approval code to Robin so she may activate you in the YMCA account. If you sent your approval code to the digital abyss, you can request that the code be resent to you when in the system.

If you are new to PrestoPay:
  1. Sign-up by registering your checking account information online
  2. Within a few days, 2 small deposits will be made
  3. When you have the amount of the deposits, revisit PrestoPay and enter the two amounts
  4. After entered, a 4-digit approval code is sent to your email account on record on
  5. You MUST forward this code to Robin to authorize payment into the YMCA account. This is important, as your account will not be active until this is done.  Once the code is entered, you can use PrestoPay for all of your scrip ordering.
The biggest advantage to using PrestoPay is, ScripNow! and reloads will be paid for immediately and available for use either immediately for ScripNow! and ReloadNow! or 10 AM CST for Reloads.